Pet Right® Derma Care Series

Used in the treatment of atopic and contact dermatitis.

Relieves itching.

Repairs the skin barrier.

Denatures allergens.

Derma Care Series Effect Mechanism

Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract:
• Accelerates wound healing,
• Relieves symptoms of eczema and dermatitis,
• Moisturizes dry skin.

Achillea Millefolium Extract:
• Has antiseptic properties, fights bacterial and fungal infections,
• Reduces inflammation in the skin,
• Soothes the skin,
• Increases the blood supply to the skin by helping the damaged capillary network to heal,
• Effective against eczema and dermatitis.

Humulus Lupulus Extract:
• Moisturizes the skin,
• Helps reduce skin redness,
• Increases collagen and elastin production in the skin,
• Reduces itching and inflammation in the skin.

Foeniculum Vulgare Fruit Extract:
• Protects the skin from free radicals,
• Provides cell regeneration,
• Helps the formation/renewal of the skin barrier.

Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract:
• Relieves symptoms of eczema and dermatitis,
• Has antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal effects,
• Relieves skin redness and swelling due to inflammation,
• Reduces itching and inflammation on the skin.

Tannic Acid:
• Denatures allergens,
• Has an anti-inflammatory effect,
• Has an antimicrobial effect,
• Accelerates wound healing.

Proven Efficiency

The effectiveness of the Pet Right® Derma Care series against the following allergens has been proven by the tests performed by Yeditepe University laboratories.

Mite Allergens
Dermatophogides farinae Der f1, Der f2 and dermatophogides pteronyssinus Der p1, Der p2.

Weed Allergens
Grass, Meadow Fescue, Saltwalt (Thistle), Wheat, Oal (Oat), Nettle.

Pollen Allergens
Betula pendula (Birch), Quercus L. (Oak), Arnica Chamissonis (Grass), Populus (Poplar), Salix salicaceae.

Mold and Fungus Allergens
rAlt a 1; rAsp f1; rCla h8; Aspergillus fumigatus; Penicillium notatum.



What is Atopic and Contact Dermatitis?

Atopic and contact dermatitis are diseases under the umbrella of eczema that we frequently encounter in our furry friends.

While atopic dermatitis is a hereditary disease, contact dermatitis is a disease that can occur in our furry friends due to exposure to factors such as grass, tree and weed pollens, dust mites, mold, which are substances that can cause allergic reactions in humans.

Our friends with atopic and contact dermatitis often lick, bite or scratch their paws, sides, ears, armpits due to itching. This causes the skin to become red, thickened, and hair loss.

It is seen that users prefer dog and cat allergy medications against allergen situations. Derma Care series products developed to help the treatment of contact and atopic dermatitis are completely herbal products and their effectiveness has been proven by the tests conducted in Yeditepe University Laboratories.



What is Skin Barrier?

The skin barrier is the area of the outer layer of the skin that protects the skin like a shield. It helps to keep the water needed by the skin in the body.

It also has a protective function against external threats. A healthy and intact skin barrier preserves and maintains the necessary moisture for the skin. The skin barrier also helps keep out germs, bacteria and allergens that bother your furry friends.