Pet Right® Cats & Pet Right® Dogs

Pet Right® Sprays are water-based and made up of natural ingredients. It gives freshness to your living space by denaturing the annoying cat and dog allergens in the environment.

It is produced as separate sprays for cat allergens and dog allergens.

What is Allergy?

Allergies are antibodies in our body that fight and react to substances that may be harmless to others. These substances can be dust, nutrients, inhaled substances, pollen, mites, animal dander and epithelium.

Allergy can be seen in all age groups. Although it is thought to be mostly genetic, allergies occur at different ages with the effect of environmental actors.

What is Allergen?

Allergens are substances that can trigger an allergic reaction. These allergens that cause allergic diseases can enter our body through the respiratory tract or through the skin or mouth. The amount of allergen that
will cause an allergic reaction may vary from person to person.

It is possible to collect allergens basically in two groups as inhalant and food allergens.

Cat – Dog Allergy Prevalence

According to the research conducted in Turkey;

  • 1 in 4 people who own cats are sensitive to cat allergens.
  • 61% of cat owners sensitive to cat allergens experience tension in their relationships with their spouse, children, parents or friends.
  • About 1 in 3 cat owners state that the worst thing about their sensitivity to cat allergens is that it affects intimacy with their cat.
  • 9 out of 10 cat owners who are sensitive to cat allergens do not give up, even if their doctor says they should not live with a cat.

According to the survey conducted with 1,015 cat owners in Turkey;

  • 2 out of 5 cat owners clean their house and furniture every day due to their sensitivity to cat allergens.
  • While 54% of cat owners wash their hands immediately after touching their cat, 53% stay away by keeping their cat’s belongings in a separate room.
  • 46% of cat owners prefer to cover furniture.
  • For the management of cat allergens, 98% of cat owners sensitive to cat allergens use a high quality vacuum cleaner and 82% use a high quality air cleaning filter.

Allergy Mechanism

Pathogenesis of Allergy Due to Inhaled Allergens:

In allergy patients, due to the entry of allergens into the body, the IgE antibody captures the allergens and binds to mast cells, causing histamine to be secreted and thus causes the emergence of allergic potential.

During the binding of allergens to immunoglobulin E, there is a mechanical key-lock relationship, just like the enzyme-substrate interaction.

Pet Right® Effect Mechanism

Tannic Acid, a plant-based component obtained from the tannins in tea leaves. Denatures the native state protein.

Because of its high affinity for peptide bonds, tannic acid affects the secondary and tertiary structure of the peptide chain without affecting the primary structure by breaking hydrogen bonds, salt bridges between
positive and negative side chains.

The Difference of Pet Right®

With Pet Right®, allergen proteins are neutralized while they are still in the environment and allergen exposure of sensitive people is prevented. In this way, people’s use of drugs such as decongestants, antihistamines, corticosteroids is effectively reduced and their exposure to the side effects of these drugs is prevented.

Probiotic Containing Sprays:

There is no information on how it interacts with allergens and eliminates them or which allergens it is effective against if sprayed into the environment. There is a problem of providing the activity and vitality of the bacteria and yeasts in the content throughout the shelf life of the products. It is not possible for bacterial cultures to remain active for a long time without monitoring the temperature, humidity and medium. Pet Right®, on the other hand, is a completely herbal product and its effectiveness has been proven by tests.


There are foods that state that it neutralizes Fel d 1 in cats. It has been proven by SDS-PAGE analyzes carried out in accredited laboratories that Pet Right® Sprays neutralize both cat allergens Fel d 1, Fel d 2 and canine allergens Can f 1 and Can f 2.


For people sensitive to cat and dog allergies, Pet Right® Sprays offer a reliable, unique solution.


The content of Pet Right® Sprays is obtained from the tannins of tea leaves.


Pet Right® Sprays are water-based.


The content of Pet Right® Sprays consists of completely natural ingredients.


No harm to pets and children.

Does not stain

It can be used on all kinds of surfaces without causing any stain.

Easy to use

It is easy to use with its special spray packaging.


Fragrance-free. It does not change the smell of the environment when you use it.

Does not contain aerosols and VOCs

It does not cause air pollution indoors, as it does not contain aerosols and VOCs.

Used on all surfaces

It is used on beds, quilts, pillows and all textile surfaces.

Toxicologically tested

It is certified to be toxicologically safe.

Environmentally friendly

The packaging of Pet Right® sprays is recyclable.


Every stage of the production of Pet Right® sprays is planned to contribute to a sustainable future.