Do You Have Cat or Dog Allergy?

Pet Right® Cats & Pet Right® Dogs

Pet Right® is the first and only water-based and herbal product in Turkey that can denature (destroy) allergens.

Pet Right® sprays, which are water-based, natural and herbal products specially developed in the IFL Pharma laboratory, neutralize cat and dog allergens that cause allergies and trigger symptoms, thus contributing to a safer living space. It helps to reduce associated asthma-allergy symptoms.

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Does Your Cat or Dog Have Allergies?

Derma Care Series

Pet Right® Derma Care series have been developed for the allergies of your furry friends. Our natural Derma Care series products, consisting of water-based and herbal ingredients, are used in the treatment of atopic and contact dermatitis, relieve itching, repair the skin barrier, denature allergens that cause contact dermatitis in pets such as pollen, mite, mold and fungal allergens.

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About Us

As the IFL Pharma family, we care about the health and unity of you and your furry friends. With our Pet Right® brand, we are with you and your furry friend in their fight against allergens. We purify your environment from allergens with Pet Right® Cats and Pet Right® Dogs sprays, which we have developed so that your cat or dog allergy does not separate you from your furry friends. On the other hand, with our Derma Care series we have developed for your furry friends, we aim to increase their quality of life by standing by their side in their fight against allergens.

IFL Pharma is established in 2020 to create solutions for health problems affecting millions of lives. Our primary focus is to produce innovative products for the unsolved health issues. Our R&D lab opened in 2021 in the Gazi University Technopark followed by factory in Ankara Organized Industry Site “OSTIM” in 2022.

The IFL PHARMA R&D team focuses on the areas of allergy, immunology, dermatology and animal health. Innovative products developed in these areas will be made available as medical devices, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and veterinary products.

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    Why Pet Right® ?

    Pet Right® products are herbal.
    No harm to pets and children.
    Pet Right® products are water-based.
    Does not contain VOCs
    Pet Right® products do not cause air pollution indoors.
    Consists of completely natural ingredients.
    Easy to use
    Pet Right® products are easy to use.
    The Pet Right® product family has been tested by Yeditepe University accredited laboratories, and their effectiveness, safeness and reliability have been proven by scientific studies.

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