What is Pet Right® Cats?

Pet Right® is a product with water-based and natural ingredients and neutralizes pet allergens such as irritating cat and dog allergens, providing you and your loved ones a fresh and clean environment free from allergens.
The allergens on which the product is effective are listed below.

Cat Allergens: Fel d 1, Fel d 2

In addition, it directly neutralizes the odor in the environment, especially in cat litter, without masking it.

It has been determined by Allergen Denaturation Tests conducted by accredited Yeditepe University laboratories that Pet Right® Sprays neutralize allergens.

How to Use?

Pet Right® Cats are for indoor use. Thanks to its natural ingredients, you can safely use the sprays on sensitive surfaces such as beds, quilts and pillows, as well as on all textile surfaces.


Before using Pet Right® Spray, make sure the surfaces are clean and dry.


Before use, carpets, rugs and upholstery should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.


Spray from a distance of 40-50 cm to the surface.


You can apply the spray as often as necessary.

Who can Use?

Pet Right® Cats can be used to neutralize allergens and clean the environment in all environments where individuals sensitive to cat allergens are present. Thanks to its herbal, water-based and natural content, it can be used safely in environments even where pets and children are present.