Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Right® Cats & Pet Right® Dogs

Yes, it can be applied on animals too. The toxicological tests of the product were carried out in Yeditepe University toxicology laboratories accredited by the Ministry of Health and it was found to be non-toxic. (Systemic toxicity test).

Water, tannic acid (obtained from tea leaves), surfactant and beta cyclodextrin (obtained from starch).

When the product is applied into the environment, allergens in the protein structure are broken down and these allergens become dysfunctional. Thus, even if we have cat or dog allergies, we can live comfortably with our furry friends. (Allergen denaturation test)

Because of its high affinity for peptide bonds, tannic acid affects the secondary and tertiary structure of the peptide chain without affecting the primary structure by breaking hydrogen bonds, salt bridges between positive and negative side chains.

There is a key-lock relationship between allergens and immunoglobulin. Allergens with disrupted geometric structure cannot bind to immunoglobulins. Thus, the formation of histamine, which causes allergic reactions in the body, is prevented.

The structure of allergens is different. For example, pollen allergens are surrounded by an outer membrane called sporopollenin, and the allergen protein is inside this membrane. In order to eliminate the pollen allergen, this structure must first be broken down. Other proteins such as mites, molds and fungi have different bond structures and these bonds have different "strength". Pet Right® is specially formulated for cat and dog allergens. In allergens other than this, the effect and effectiveness of the product will be less.

It has been proven by the tests conducted at Yeditepe University that our product neutralizes cat allergens. In addition to allergens becoming ineffective on all fabric surfaces you spray our product on, you can clean your home from cat allergens if you spray it on your cat twice a day or comb it by spraying Pet Right® on its comb.

We have academic studies. We can deliver them to you upon request.

A single “application” is made at a minimum distance of 45 cm per square meter. A 200 ml bottle is sufficient for an average of one month. The lifetime of the cleaning is about “environmental allergen control”. It is related to the amount of allergen load in the environment.

The recommended frequency of use is twice a day, in the morning / evening.

Allergic symptoms do not occur suddenly. It generally progresses gradually. Therefore, when an individual with cat or dog allergy feels symptoms, such as burning in the nose and slight tearing in the eyes, they can apply the product to the environment.

It can be used safely on all surfaces, but it is definitely recommended to be used on textile surfaces especially.

When sprayed from a very close distance to the hand, the solution coming out of the spray cannot be dispersed as the distance is short and penetrates into a very narrow area.

If the product is squeezed from a minimum distance of 45 cm to the surface, it will be able to disperse in the air and will not focus on a single point and will come into contact with the surface in the form of very fine-grained particles called “fine mist”. So, there will be no stickiness.

Impossible. Acute systemic toxicity tests of the product have been carried out and it has been proven that it is not harmful to living things. There is no harm in licking for your furry friend.

Thanks to the actives in Pet Right® sprays, it destroys odor molecules as well as allergens by breaking down in the environment. In order to eliminate the odor problem of dogs, Beta Cyclodextrin concentration is higher than the actives in Pet Right® Dogs. Due to the difference in the allergen structure of cats, Tannic Acid concentration is higher than the actives. Therefore, the formulas of the two products are different in terms of the concentrations of the actives.

Since humans and/or animals do not drink or eat the product, it is not required to get licensed according to the legislations. It is just a spray that is applied to the environment.

As a company, we have GMP certificate approved by the Ministry of Health and ISO 9001 quality certificates.

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